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2022-07-03 21:15

Today we're going to take a look at the well-established Ross Stores, Inc. (NASDAQ:ROST). The company's stock received a lot of attention from a substantial price movement on the NASDAQGS over the last few months, increasing to US$108 at one point, and dropping to the lows of US$70.23. Some share price movements can give investors a better opportunity to enter into the stock, and potentially buy at a lower price. A question to answer is whether Ross Stores' current trading price of US$71.38 reflective of the actual value of the large-cap? Or is it currently undervalued, providing us with the opportunity to buy? Let's take a look at Ross Stores's outlook and value based on the most recent financial data to see if there are any catalysts for a price change.

今天我们来看看久负盛名的罗斯百货公司(纳斯达克:ROST)。该公司的股票在过去几个月里受到了纳斯达克股票价格大幅波动的极大关注,一度涨至108美元,并跌至70.23美元的低点。一些股价波动可以让投资者有更好的机会买入股票,并有可能以更低的价格买入。一个需要回答的问题是,Ross Stores目前71.38美元的交易价格是否反映了大盘股的实际价值?或者,它目前被低估了,为我们提供了买入的机会?让我们根据最新的财务数据来看看Ross Stores的前景和价值,看看是否有任何推动价格变化的催化剂。

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Is Ross Stores still cheap?


According to my price multiple model, where I compare the company's price-to-earnings ratio to the industry average, the stock currently looks expensive. In this instance, I've used the price-to-earnings (PE) ratio given that there is not enough information to reliably forecast the stock's cash flows. I find that Ross Stores's ratio of 15.76x is above its peer average of 5.78x, which suggests the stock is trading at a higher price compared to the Specialty Retail industry. In addition to this, it seems like Ross Stores's share price is quite stable, which could mean two things: firstly, it may take the share price a while to fall back down to an attractive buying range, and secondly, there may be less chances to buy low in the future once it reaches that value. This is because the stock is less volatile than the wider market given its low beta.

根据我的市盈率模型,我将该公司的市盈率与行业平均水平进行比较,目前该股看起来很贵。在这种情况下,考虑到没有足够的信息来可靠地预测股票的现金流,我使用了市盈率(PE)。我发现Ross Stores的市盈率为15.76倍,高于5.78倍的同行平均水平,这表明该股的交易价格高于专业零售行业。除此之外,Ross Stores的股价似乎相当稳定,这可能意味着两件事:首先,股价可能需要一段时间才能回落到有吸引力的买入区间,其次,一旦达到该值,未来低位买入的机会可能会减少。这是因为,鉴于其贝塔系数较低,该股的波动性低于大盘。

What kind of growth will Ross Stores generate?


NasdaqGS:ROST Earnings and Revenue Growth July 3rd 2022

Future outlook is an important aspect when you're looking at buying a stock, especially if you are an investor looking for growth in your portfolio. Although value investors would argue that it's the intrinsic value relative to the price that matter the most, a more compelling investment thesis would be high growth potential at a cheap price. With profit expected to grow by 25% over the next couple of years, the future seems bright for Ross Stores. It looks like higher cash flow is on the cards for the stock, which should feed into a higher share valuation.


What this means for you:


Are you a shareholder? ROST's optimistic future growth appears to have been factored into the current share price, with shares trading above industry price multiples. However, this brings up another question – is now the right time to sell? If you believe ROST should trade below its current price, selling high and buying it back up again when its price falls towards the industry PE ratio can be profitable. But before you make this decision, take a look at whether its fundamentals have changed.


Are you a potential investor? If you've been keeping tabs on ROST for some time, now may not be the best time to enter into the stock. The price has surpassed its industry peers, which means it is likely that there is no more upside from mispricing. However, the positive outlook is encouraging for ROST, which means it's worth diving deeper into other factors in order to take advantage of the next price drop.


If you'd like to know more about Ross Stores as a business, it's important to be aware of any risks it's facing. Be aware that Ross Stores is showing 4 warning signs in our investment analysis and 1 of those makes us a bit uncomfortable...


If you are no longer interested in Ross Stores, you can use our free platform to see our list of over 50 other stocks with a high growth potential.

如果您对Ross Stores不再感兴趣,您可以使用我们的免费平台查看我们的其他50多只具有高增长潜力的股票。

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